Helping Companies
Help Themselves
to optimize their processes
to drive operational excellence
Helping Companies
Help Themselves
to optimize their processes
to drive operational excellence

Our Mission

BQPM (Business and Quality Process Management, LLC) is a global business consulting firm that helps business entities articulate their vision, achieve their goals and realize their long-term potential. Our team utilizes proprietary, process-based business and quality methodologies to grow your business, and help decision-making on strategy, operations, technology and implementation of sustainable business practices.

Since 1996, we have focused on the principle of “helping companies help themselves” with an understanding that successful companies start with solid foundations. Our mission is to help clients identify and implement effective business and quality process management systems from conception through implementation, and make them one of the key principle of their continued success.

Improve Your Business Process
Save Time – Save Money!

As a small or medium-sized business, quality management and business processes play a major role in the efficiency of your operations and the way you get things done. If you are looking for ways to improve your processes and practices, Business & Quality Process Management, LLC offers online face-to-face ISO Consulting and Training services to help you prepare for certifications.

We can provide you with strategies for implementing a quality management system in your business, and we will arm you with the tools you need to improve your processes and management structure.


BQPM provides an experienced team of consultants who will help with the implementation of national, international, and/or industry-specific quality system standards, internal auditing, documentation development, system monitoring and review, business and quality improvements, and the selection of tools for the development of office and manufacturing automation.

Why should you choose BQPM?
  • One-stop shopping for tools, training, and consulting services
  • A complete package of systems and implementation solutions
  • Customization to the customer’s unique requirements

BQPM provides customers a well-defined strategy for implementing their business and quality management system, maintaining their system, or improving their already implemented system to achieve higher levels of quality and customer satisfaction.

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BQPM provides high quality training in the use and application of a variety of national, international, and/or industry-specific Quality Management System standards, Business Management Systems in general, and in the fields of environmental systems, medical device systems, business management, user software programs and similar related programs. BQPM has specifically selected and experienced instructors in the fields of system development, system maintenance and system implementations.

All courses are conducted on-site or at a venue close to your company.

BQPM is committed to providing quality business process solutions through training, consulting and application integration services. Our goal is to provide a level of service that contributes to the success of our customers by “helping them help themselves” in achieving the quality improvement and cost reduction goals of their businesses. Through a continuing investment in experienced, highly trained, and motivated employees, BQPM strives to design, implement, and deliver services and tools to meet our customers’ requirements, increase their satisfaction, and add value to their efforts in business and quality improvement.

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BQPM provides high quality graphic services supporting you to create a great brand identity for your business and to stand out with high quality advertising.

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Web Development

Web Development Services can deliver, and deploy a complete HTML5 solution into your business environment that is optimized for high performance with quick loading times, scalable and responsive and able to handle any increases in visitor traffic.

List of development related services:
  • Website Development
  • Website Design
  • Website Re-design
  • WordPress Development
  • HTML5 Website Development
  • Responsive Design
  • E-commerce
  • Intranet Development
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Quality Management

Brand Development/Marketing

Graphics Design

Website Design & SEO Management

Document & QA Control Applications

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